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gooddeed6As the outreach arm of Central District, Metro Ministries’ program funds are directed to neighborhoods in Central Indiana to serve youth and children through the Youth Ministry Grants. Congregations, community centers, and other partners connect with Metro Ministries to provide financial and informational resources to assist youth in need. Whether its sports programs, art projects, or even church development in the Central District, your contribution to the #OneGoodDeed campaign will help support such efforts and more.

The Metro Ministries, Inc. grant team has found fruit in directing its support to the Mega Kids Camp at The Branches, an outwardly-focused outreach initiative teaching children, often the for the first time, the love and goodness of God. Youth ministry grants aid in structuring programs, activities and lessons with which to engage the youth. Central District congregations through supporting Metro Ministries’ the One Good Deed campaign can provide continued support of new church launches like The Branches. Metro Ministries is joining in on the excitement as The Branches charters as a United Methodist Congregation this Sunday, April 17, 10 a.m.

One Good Deed has vast possibilities, but most importantly it brings us all together. When you donate $1 to Metro Ministries, it is combined with all the other donations, which allows us to provide opportunities for youth and families across Central Indiana.  What’s next?

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  • Give as a mission team, congregation, Sunday School, or individual

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The Story of the East Tenth UM Children & Youth, Inc. 

One of our students who has been with us since preschool turned fifteen and was eligible to serve as a Junior Counselor and be paid through our Youth Working for Indy Grant.  He interviewed for the job, secured the position, and worked with our younger children this summer.  He has a great love of math and science and shared his passion with our younger children by creating many activities throughout the summer for them to enjoy.  He was a wonderful mentor to all of the children, and he plans on coming back to the Center to help out during breaks.

East tenth kids walking

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