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Connecting Resources to Ministries and Ministries to Resources.

Beginning Giving Tuesday November 27

Give to Metro Ministries, Inc. November 27 through December 31

Donate this holiday season and make your gift go even further. From November 27 through December 31, PayPal Giving Fund will add 1% to all donations made through Metro Ministries, Inc. PayPal Giving Fund where 100% of your gift goes directly to Metro Ministries to be used for connecting resources to ministries with congregations and communities in service of Christ, as they identify needs, develop relationshps and create new passionate initiatives to serve our neighbors.

The Missioner of the Year Award has been a part of Metro Ministries, Inc.’s annual celebration since the 1975. This award is presented to a person or persons or a ministry team, or Cluster of Churches that exemplify Christian Service. The 2018 missioner of the year is a ministries involved in risk taking mission and service with our neighbors. Metro Ministries is recognizing this group tonight as we seek to resource and connect this ministry with each of you. We feel our greatest resource is the ability to listen, learn and hear the stories. We are then able to share the stories and bring people together for a common vision of building relationships and acting on the needs with our neighbors and showing the love of Jesus Christ. Read More
Donations have been given to Metro Ministries, Inc. in honor, service and in memory of persons who are being recognized for their dedication to mission and ministry. Thank you for the dedicated persons recognized and remembered at the Metro Ministries 95th Anniversary Celebration & Fundraiser Dinner November 28, 2018. Read More
Who Will You Honor?

Metro Ministries, Inc. Award Program

You are invited to honor and recognize person(s) who are serving or have served in ministry. Awards will be listed on the Metro website and in the Annual Celebration & Fundraiser Program.

Honor Award

Do you know a volunteer who deserves recognition? Give just $10 or more to honor that special person and to touch lives in Indiana.

Memorial Award

Remember a person who has been important in your life or in the life of youth church with a gift of 
$10 or more.

Service Award

Do you know a leader in mission or ministry that has performed extraordinatry service? Give $100 or more to recognize their service.

Link to the form that may be copied for each award.

Metro Award Program
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