Missioner of the Year 2017

The 2017 Metro Ministries Missioner of the Year was awarded posthumously to Jodie Baker at the Metro Ministries Annual Celebration and Fundraiser at University of Indianapolis. Jodie was a beloved friend, board member and wonderful Christian Servant. She loved her church, her sons David and Daniel, her family and all of the persons that surrounded herself with.

She was an active member of the Executive Team and Vice President of North United Methodist Women, a member of the Lydia and Mariam circles, Board member at Metro Ministries, Board Member at Lucille Raines Residence when she passed away on November 28, 2016.

As a Metro Board member she was always present at board meetings, she was a part of the grant team and took the process very seriously providing lots of laughter and was helpful with our selection process working especially with our children and youth ministries. She was an advocate for many of the ministries that we partner and was quick to let us know what she was thinking.

You could count on her to attend many of the annual meetings at Fletcher Place, Brightwood and East Tenth and fundraisers of our ministry partners. She loved what we do in mission and ministry with Central District.

She brought Metro Ministries into her other roles as a United Methodist Woman and leader with the Wesley Fellowship at North and often invited Metro Ministries to share stories.

Jodie served faithfully. She was great with Social Media and communications. She was the first to share and check in on Facebook that she was attending a Metro Ministries meeting. She like every post that I posted related to Metro Ministries. She laughingly told me that her sons David and Daniel told her that she didn't have to "like" every post on Facebook.

Jodie was a faith member of the Board at Lucille Raines. Her life continues to inspire those that she had impacted during her life. Her faith and encouragement of others, especially when she was struggling with an agressive cancer was humbling and inspiring by everyoner that knew her.

Carolyn Marshall, Lucille Raines Executive Director received the Missioner of the Year Award on behalf of Jodie's family. The plaque will be display at the Lucille Raines Residence.

Last Published: November 13, 2017 4:51 PM
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