Models of School workshop
Models of Serving with Nearby Schools
Churches Partner with nearby Schools

Andy Kinsey, pastor at Grace United Methodist Church, shared his experiences with Webb Elementary School located just behind Grace Church and the Needham Elementary School at the September 18th gathering of lay and clergy.There was a collaboration within the group of what is happening in several communities related to this model of outreach ministries.

Key points from the meeting:

1. Build trust with the schools -- especially connecting with school counselors, nurses, and secretaries. Connect with members of your congregation that are teachers or staff members. 

2. Learn the needs of the school -- how can your congregation be helpful. Be present in a time of need.

3. Programs:  Lunch buddies, Mentoring, collecting needed items for the school nurse or counselors.

4. Prayer


Last Published: September 26, 2018 4:01 PM
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