Missioner of the Year 2018

The 2018 Missioner of the Year Award was presented to nonprofit ministry “All Worthy of Love” and their team – Jan Tiebert and her daughter, Liz Pitcher, at the Metro Ministries 95th Anniversary Celebration on the evening of November 28, 2018.

 All Worthy of Love is a justice-focused nonprofit that reaches out to men and women enslaved by street-prostitution. Their mission is to restore broken dwelling, based on the teachings of Isaiah 58:

  • They work in three-stranded cord: prevention, rescue, and restoration.
  • They prevent sex trafficking through awareness. 
  • They rescue victims of trafficking through weekly outreach. 
  • They restore victims of trafficking through partnerships with local organizations that offer safe housing and restorative care. 

All Worthy of Love’s vision for their outreach team is building consistent relationships. A team of four goes to the same neighborhood in Indianapolis every week reaching out to men and women working on the street. With each meal and hygiene kit given away, they like to include a note of encouragement for our friends to take with them. “We believe that people know what is wrong with them, they need to know what is right with them. 'We are all worthy of love.'"

The Missioner of the Year Award has been a part of Metro Ministries, Inc.’s annual celebration since 1975. This award is presented to a person or persons, or a ministry team, or a Cluster of Churches that exemplify Christian Service.

The 2018 missioner of the year is a ministry involved in risk-taking mission and service with our neighbors. Metro Ministries recognizes this group as we seek to resource and connect this ministry with each of you. We feel our greatest resource is the ability to listen, learn, and hear the stories.  We are then able to share the stories and bring people together for a common vision of building relationships and acting on needs with our neighbors while showing the love of Jesus Christ.          

Last year we visited the activities of the year and the highlights of work that is happening in Central Indiana. We are “Planting for a New Season” identifying ministries that are missional, creating new initiatives, seeing the needs in our communities, and are involved in risk-taking mission and service.

Lisa Morris learned about this ministry three years ago as plans were underway to begin work in Indiana. Jan stopped by the Metro Ministries office to talk about the program and to find ways that Metro Ministries could connect resources and share their story. All Worthy of Love has four areas of need:  bagged lunches; hygiene kits; prayer cards, along with notes of encouragement; and cash donations.

Last Published: February 26, 2019 4:17 PM
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