Thank you from Executive Director Lisa Morris

I have truly been blessed to work for the United Methodist Church for over 41 years. When Dr. Harold Criswell and Dr. Byron Stroh hired me April 17th 1977, I would never have believed that I would have the opportunity to serve as the Metro Ministries Executive Director.

During the past 9 and half years the Metro Ministries Board of Directors and I have connected, resourced, supported, partnered, collaborated, listened, and learned together. We have worked on narrowing our focus of mission and strategy, developed and refined relationships and communicated clearly the mission and vision.

I have been very fortunate to be supported by Bishop Mike, Bishop Trimble, Dr. Cindy Reynolds, Rev. David V. W. Owen, Rev. Bert Kite and Rev. Jim Bushfield. My work would not be possible without our current Central District staff members Robin Brown, Julie Query, Bob Coleman, Karen Devaisher, Charlie Rownd, and Diane Gattone.

         Board Presidents, Mark Eutsler, Doris Clark and Tom Shryock, along with each board member that has served the past 9 and half years, have advised and helped me to know what walls to climb. Doris Clark was the first person to call me and congratulate me after I became Executive Director and willingly came on the board in 2010.  Together the board and I sought wisdom from many conference leaders – especially David V. W. Owen who was Executive Assistant to Bishop Mike– who mentored me with lots of coffee and luncheon meetings.

         I wish I could share publicly the names of all the people that have advised and supported me like John Myrland, Paula Mayberry, Jim Petrow, Cathy Burris, Ed Martin, and Karen Devaisher.  My former colleagues Ned Steele and Robin Andres. My current board members Tom Shryock, Jim Bushfield, Sherrae Davis, Diane Gattone, Jack Haefling, Dana Hershey, Barry Laird, Roger Outcalt, Anthony Swinger, Terry Tolliver, Penny Walker and Jamalyn Peigh Williamson. All of our community ministry partners and grant recipient teams.  You all need to know that you’ve been a big part of Metro Ministries.  It is now time for “Planting for a New Season at Metro Ministries.”

            I am excited for the future as I serve with Cathy Burris on the Indiana UMW Leadership Team, with Ross Stackhouse’s new church Plant HEAVENEARCH steering team, traveling and volunteer with my husband Steve at the many outreach opportunities at Grace United Methodist Franklin.

Last Published: December 3, 2018 8:15 AM
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