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Helping Your Neighbors Amidst a Pandemic

Helping Our Neighbors Amidst a Pandemic

We are learning these concepts of social distancing and flattening the curve and are limiting our activiities outside our homes, including in many cases our work routines. While we are taking these measures to individually mitigate the spread of COVID-19, may we make intentional efforts to still be in community with one another.  Many individuals and families are trying to balance child care with getting to work or are facing a temporary loss of employment altogether. Others among us are truly isolated from others, those living alone or as sole caregivers to family members. There are needs developing every day that weren't there last week or yesterday. Let's consider some ways we can help our neighbors:

  • Determine needs of your local food pantries and food banks. Many food pantries ar modifying their distribution models, while trying to meet the increasing needs for their services. Research on social media and websites what local pantries and food banks need. Then figure out how you can help meet those needs. 
  • Check on your at-risk neighbors. The elderly and those with chronic health conditions are at most risk from COVID-19; and these are likely the most isolated among us. Call or text to find out if they need food or medications. And if they do, figure out how to accommodate the need in the safest way for them.
  • Sign up to volunteer. Check with your local church or other churches, with the United Way or other local organizations to find out their volunteer needs. Many organizations may not know what those volunteer opportunities look like right now, so be open and flexible.
  • Pay attention to your community needs, not just from news outlets but from your neighborhood associations and watch groups. Sign up for email lists and follow group social media pages so you can know how you can help.
  • Share information. If you know someone who can benefit from information, share it - via social media, text, phone, email. While you likely won't help everyone, you might just help one person. Isn't that worth it?
Last Published: March 16, 2020 11:34 AM
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