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Metro Ministries, Inc. is located in the Central District Center of the United Methodist Church. 

Email Address
Lisa Morris, Executive Director

Office Location
7676 US 31 South, Indianapolis, IN 46227

The Metro Ministries, Inc. and Central District UMC Office Center offices are located 3 miles south from I465 just one office north of Southside Times.

Mailing Address: 7676 US 31 South, Indianapolis, IN 46227

Metro Ministries Direct Office: 317-452-4786

Office Hours - Monday through Friday - 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Office Phone - 317-924-4140

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Metro Ministries Board of Directors 2017

Ronald O. Branson  (Calvary Brownsburg United Methodist Church)

Board Secretary, Cathy Burris (University United Methodist Church)

Central District Associate District Superintendent, Karen Devaisher

Jack Haefling (North United Methodist Church)

Central District Superintendent, Jim Bushfield

Board Treasurer, Roger Outcalt (Meridian Street United Methodist Church)

Metro Ministries Executive Director, Lisa Morris

 Board President, Tom Shryock (Gateway Community United Methodist Church)

Barry Laird (Old Bethel United Methodist Church)

Central District Co-Lay Leader, Anthony Swinger (Plainfield United Methodist Church)

Board Vice-President, Terry Tolliver (Center United Methodist Church)

Penny Walker (Gateway Community United Methodist Church)

Jamalyn Peigh Williamson (St. Luke's United Methodist Church)

Marianne Van Winkle (Executive Director PALS)

Central District Co-Lay Leader, Jason Young (Southport United Methodist Church)


Metro Board 8_13_2015

Metro Ministries Board of Directors

Welcome to Metro Ministries, Inc.

The outreach arm of the Central District, The United Methodist Church

Connecting ministries to resources and resources to ministries.

Connecting with United Methodist Churches and Community Ministries for the purpose of "making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World."