Designated Endowment
Metro Designated Endowment Launch

The Metro Ministries Endowment team launched the Metro Ministries Designated Endowment November 28. The Metro Ministries Board of Directors and its Endowment Team are “Planting for A New Season” with a vision to see the designated endowment grow to over $100,000 by its 100th Anniversary in 2023. 

Metro Ministries, Inc. believes that grants and income distributions to be made in the future are as important as distributions made today. This is consistent with the philosophy that this Endowment Fund is to exist in perpetuity, and therefore, shall provide for grants and funding for the future.

The PURPOSE of the designated endowment is to put into place a consistent plan that will enable the Metro Finance Team, Grant Team and Endowment Team to recommend disbursements to the Board of Directors to approve and disburse funds that fulfill the ministry and designation of the Endowments received while seeking to grow the financial base of the Endowment Fund.

 There are be opportunities to connect with Metro Ministries with Undesignated, Missions, Evangelism/Outreach and Children & Youth gifts. Because of the generosity of our donors during our 95 Years recorded from 1949-2018, Metro Ministries has disbursed over $3,420,441 to over 99 ministries programs.

Metro Ministries Board of Directors has worked toward the goal of financial sustainability for the purpose of connecting resources to ministries in Central Indiana so that in the service of Christ we can resource partners who are identifying needs, building relationships, and creating new passionate initiatives to serve our neighbors.

 Metro Ministries is a wonderful resource of the Central District of the United Methodist Church and its future is bright as we continue to serve the United Methodist Congregations and community ministries in Central Indiana. After 95 year, it truly is time to “Plant for a New Season.”

Last Published: December 3, 2018 8:20 AM
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