Reasons to Give
Why do we fundraise?

Why do we fundraise?

In 1923 the organization now known as Metro Ministries, Inc. was charged with focusing attention, energies and monies on local mission projects.  The corporation was formed for the purpose of using closed or abandoned churches in the district and using the funds for developing new churches, developing new arising ministries and make special grants and requests that aid in building churches and expanding existing programs.

In 2009 when the two Indiana conferences were formed into one Indiana Conference, the policies were changed where Metro Ministries would no longer receive closed church funds. Metro Ministries relies on donations from individuals, churches and other organizations to support our MInistry Grants program and our Designated Endowment fund.

Where do your donations go?

Ministry Grants Program

Because of donations made, Metro Ministries has provided over $338,000 in ministry grants to 48 organizations, churches and church ministries in the last ten years. These grants were awarded for programs focused on risk-taking mission and service, engaging with the under-resourced and marginalized and on leadership development, particularly the development of young leaders. This results in impacting the lives of thousands of individuals - men, women and children, through access to healthy food, having a safe place to go after school, improved literacy rates, access to school supplies, clothing, activities and events that they otherwise could not afford and so much more.

Metro's grants process guides prospective grantees through the criteria and application, provides information on other relevant funding sources and brings many organizations' leaders and staff members together for collaboration around program development and funding.

Designated Endowment


Gifts specified for the Designated Endomwent can be designated to fund future work in one of four areas: Children and Youth programming, Outreach and Evangilism, Missions, or as Undesignated to be used for Metro's Grants programs.

Metro Ministries believes that grants and income distributions to be made in the future are as important as distributions made today. Growing this Designated Endomwent Fund for future program funding aligns with Metro's vision, "In the service of Christ, needs are identified, relatioinships are developed and new passionate initiatives are created to serve our neighbors."

Last Published: February 20, 2020 10:11 AM
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