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By the Numbers - How do we fund Metro Ministries?

How do we fund Metro Ministries?

A very generous bequest was received from the Kresge family in 1968.This endowment has been used the past 49 years to provide support for new church starts, assist churches in adapting their programs to their altered environments, to support and promote mission work within the United Methodist Church districts. Financially sustainable funds are used annually to provide support for the administration of the organization.

Central District Ministry support from local church district tithe is budgeted annually through the Central District budget, approved at the annual district conference. The 1.5% tithe allows for that extra giving that provides Metro Ministries, the outreach arm of the district, with these needed funds for operations.

Program donations are received from individuals, churches and organizations and are used for children & youth program grants through the annual grant process. The annual grant process also provides support to the leaders for writing and preparing grants. As we receive the impact reports from the children and youth programs, we will be sharing “Bright Spots” with our donors weekly in the Metro Monday Connection.

Last Published: December 8, 2017 3:37 PM
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