Who We Are
Roger Outcalt
Board Member

When not working, eating or sleeping, Roger spends time with the youth group at church, with his grandkids, and in the yard or watching a movie (his wife watches Hallmark, he likes fantasy and sci/fi).

Roger’s entire professional career has been with social service agencies, serving the needs of others, and Metro’s focus on serving the needs of others is consistent with God’s call for him. He has never doubted this call and 99% of the time, wakes up looking forward to going to work.

He tends to say good morning regardless of time day, merry Christmas all year long (he loves the lights, the sounds and smells and family gatherings and love that is unbounded).  He often introduces himself as "trouble" because he likes to ask a lot of questions and tends to make people think past their first response. Roger has served on Metro's Board for five years.

Last Published: January 16, 2020 1:22 PM
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