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Eric Kersey
Board Member
Eric Kersey is a retired elder in the UMC who spent most of his years in ministry serving bi-vocationally in small member congregations in southern Indiana and currently serves in retirement at St. Andrew UMC on the near south side of Indianapolis.  
Eric grew up in a small town in Southern Indiana where church was always part of his and his family’s life. While he was often a reluctant attendee as a child and is fond of saying, “my mother dragged me to church whether I wanted to go or not,” being part of church was simply who they were.
During his college years - the Vietnam War era, Eric realized he’d been shaped by his church and faith background.  He did Alternative Service as a Conscientious Objector for two years through the United Methodist Board of Missions as a US-2 in Baltimore, MD, in an urban ministry setting comprised of 18 neighborhood churches.  Now years later, he has a heart for the city of Indianapolis and the neglect and need he sees when driving the city’s streets.  At the same time, he sees all sorts of good things springing up with new life and hope.  
During the month of May, besides spending time at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Eric also drive cars for the Mecum Auction at the State Fair Grounds, the premiere ‘Muscle Car’ auction in America.  Last year the club that he drove with raised approximately $17,000 with 100% of the proceeds going to the food banks in north central Indiana.  Who would have thought that driving cool old cars could be a ‘mission’?
Growing up Eric wanted to be an open-wheel race car driver (or history professor, or jazz pianist- in a smoke-filled bar) not a minister - but God, as so often is the case, had other plans.  Eric is so grateful to God for all, most particularly for his wife, his family and a steadfast faith. Eric is in his second year serving on Metro Ministries board.
Last Published: January 29, 2020 11:09 AM
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